American Mussel Harvesters
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Our Shellfish Farms...

At Salt Water Farms we are passionate about the ocean and the bounty she can provide. Founded by the Silkes family, we are committed to growing the highest quality shellfish using cutting edge mariculture techniques, the stewardship of a healthy marine environment and farming sustainable food.

Through our innovative, deep-water farming techniques, our beautiful oysters and mussels flourish in the nutrient-rich waters of Narragansett Bay and Rhode Island Sound, allowing us to stay true to our naturalist roots.

Our shellfish are harvested from the farm and brought to our shore-side harvest house, American Mussel Harvesters, where they are cleaned, graded, and immersed in a controled seawater system where grit and bacteria are elimated. Our mussels and oysters are packed in ice and delivered to our customers overnight. From the rocky shores of Rhode Island - right to your plate.


Our Shellfish Farms