American Mussel Harvesters
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Restaurant Ready®

Restaurant Ready® brings the taste of the ocean to your table fresher and faster

Restaurant Ready® represents a family of shellfish brands that are grown in remote locations and brought to market following a stringent post-harvest quality control process developed by American Mussel Harvesters (AMH).

What Restaurant Ready® brands provide is that elusive high quality, high flavor profile product option that lowers food costs with better yields and less preparation time...guaranteed!

In short, we harvest our mussels, oysters and clams from the remote farms sites when the weather permits.  Immediately after harvest, the shellfish are brought to our processing facility located on the western shore of Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island.  In our facility the shellfish are placed into the Restaurant Ready® seawater system.

In the Restaurant Ready® process, we hold our shellfish in a custom designed, controlled seawater system environment to optimize their wholesomeness.

In the Restaurant Ready® environment:

  • Seawater is sterilized to minimize the bacteria levels of shellfish
  • Seawater is refrigerated to slow the metabolic rates of the shellfish
  • The salinity, pH, oxygen levels and the current speed of the seawater are regulated to allow the animals to clear themselves of grit and bacteria
  • Shellfish are harvested to order, packed and shipped for delivery every day
  • This process ensures a fresh and flavorful shellfish dining experience

Our processing plant is strategically located on the western shore of Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island affording overnight delivery to all major cities in North America.

There is no comparison between our post-harvest, cold water, wet handling of shellfish and the industry standard of holding shellfish in dry coolers or in cages in remote locations.  Our shellfish is the freshest available.