American Mussel Harvesters
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American Mussels

Live & Local / Farmed & Fished


Whitewater Mussels® - 2 ½"

Big One Mussels - 3"

Blue Gold Mussels - 2 ¼"

Maine Raft Mussels - 2"


The fresh oceanic flavors of our mussels reflect the merroir of their different growing areas.  They are high in protein, omega 3s and trace minerals.  Mussels are bold, briny and brought to you by Mother Nature.


American mussels are harvested along the New England coast from Down East Maine to the Nantucket Shoals.


The shelf life is seven to ten days from ship date.  Guaranteed.  Packed in 2lb, 5lb, 10lb and 25lb bags.  They are harvested from our Restaurant Ready® seawater system on the ship date and boxed, iced and shipped on the day your order. Shop Now