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Low Tide Jewelry

November 20, 2021

In the days before Paula became a shellfish aficionado, she spent her free time at the beach collecting sea glass, stones, and shells. Paula was drawn to the art of jewelry making from a young age as she watched her aunt make piece work.  Years later, drawn in by her love of the sea, Paula opened her first jewelry store, Island Dreams, on Block Island. She was able to raise her children in her image with a deep love for the ocean, all while perfecting her craft.

As the years went on her passion for jewelry making remained; just transformed into a hobby. Knowing that her table in the basement, covered in tools and beach treasures, was just not enough anymore, Paula started looking for a workspace to rent.  In the historic stone buildings of the Peace Dale mills, Paula found what she was looking for. Low Tide Jewelry Co. is perfect for her nautical treasures to reside.