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Cork & Rye Mussels

Chef Aaron Thorpe / Cork & Rye

The recipe is as follows:
1) 1 Tb canola oil
2) 1/2 shallots sliced thin
3) 3 cloves garlic (good fellas thin)
4) 3 ounces wild mushrooms
5) Three fingerlings sliced into Half-inch coins
6) 1Tb truffle oil
7) 4 ounces of white wine
8) 2 Tbs of butter
9) 1 pound of Whitewater mussels
10) 1 Tb chopped chervil
11) 1 Tsp chopped tarragon

Start by adding the first five ingredients to a hot sauté pan. Once the garlic and shallots start to caramelize, add in your mussels and white wine (cover with lid). When all the mussels open, add the rest of your ingredients. When the butter is one with the wine, take off heat and enjoy.

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