Oysters Out to Sea

The Newport Cups OYster

The Newport Cups Oyster

As the tempest rages, the oysters tremble in their cages unscathed by the wrath of the sea. For the storms here last longer, so the shells here get stronger from exposure without any mercy.

70 feet below the sea, and miles from Brenton Reef, is another world for growing these creatures.  The oysters feed so frantic, on the water of the Atlantic giving them a bold body, deep cup, and oceanic features.

When the storms finally cease, we ride a fair breeze from the sheltered bay to the waves of the ocean.  The oysters we pick up, they are called the Newport Cups grown with ceaseless and fiery devotion.

It’s hard to give them a description, though you may read the shells inscription through the ages it tells a tale.  So hard, so salty, so daring, reminders of the sea faring men who enjoyed oysters and ale.

Newport may have changed, though the spirit still remains a town rich in maritime culture.  Some things stay true, like the gentle ocean’s hue and the sea is filled with hidden treasure.

~Mason Silkes

resizedNewport Cups® Oysters

41N 71W   The Newport Cups® are a deep cupped oyster with a clean sharp brine that has a distinguished light finish like that of an Italian Prosecco.  After a primary burst of salt the sweet belly releases its sugars, followed by a delicate briny aftertaste giving these oysters the quintessential taste of the Ocean State.  With nothing blocking all the force of the Atlantic Ocean the Newport Cups® are a rare treat for their exposure to the elements that gives the oysters their clean flavor, and the rustic shells a hardy shine.

Make this oyster your holiday tradition!  A limited harvest will be available here for your Thanksgiving celebration.  Taste the deep water difference.  Only 9,000 oysters are available this Season.  Now’s your chance!

Need more info. for your wait staff?  We’ve got you covered.

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