The most amazing mussels I’ve ever eaten anywhere in the world"

Simon K.

**Recipe Contest Winner** Mussels on the Beach

This is a great recipe for mussels if you’re camping with friends on the beach or having a picnic on the beach.  It works good for cooking in the fire or on a camp stove. The ingredients are small and compact, the result is happy folks, full stomachs, and an empty pot.


5lbs      “American Mussel” fresh Mussels

1pk      Linguica sausage patties

1pk      Portuguese sweet muffins

12pk    Narragansett beer

1Jar     Garlic stuffed olives, cut in half lengthwise

1Jar     Cocktail onions

1tub     Pesto, or basi if they do not have pesto

1btl.     “Freshies” Original or Hot Mary Bloody Mary mix

1btl.     Vodka, what ever you like (plastic bottle are better for camping, just sayin)

2 ea.    Heavy duty garbage bags

Good amount for 4pp


*It is best to use an enamel glazed iron pot for this but you’re camping so make it work however.

*The tubes of pesto or basil, can be found in the fresh herb area in your grocery store.  

*Freshies mixes are amazing, found in many specialty stores or can be ordered on line.         However you could certainly substitute your favorite.  


Drain the juice from the cocktail onions and fill with bloody mary mix.  Place pot on the fire. When it gets hot add the sausage patties until cooked.  While patties are cooking cut all of the garlic stuffed olives in half lengthwise.  Toast muffins in another pan on the fire.  When patties are done place between two muffins. Pass around, open a cold beer and eat those while you wait for the mussels to cook.  Deglaze the pot with a beer, allow to reduce till almost dry. Add one more beer with olives, onions, pesto(2oz. only) and all the bloody mary mix. Pot a lid on top and bring to a simmer.  Add mussels, place the lid back on top and cook till mussels are done.  Remove the mussels from the pot to a serving bowl and cool down the broth.  Now make Bloody Mary’s with the broth and vodka or chilada’s with the broth and beer.  Serve with the mussels, and some oysters and clams on the half shell. Enjoy

Oh, the garbage bags are for cleaning up when you leave, Keep it clean .-)




Recipe by Tres Hundertmark

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